Digital Marketing Conference


February 17 - 18,Royal Apollonia Hotel, Limassol

Digital Marketing Conference for professionals of all levels, beginners to advanced.
VESTNIK KIPRA Group in cooperation with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) presents the Digital Marketing Conference aimed at providing participants with the latest information on how to arm yourself with the tools you need for the most effective online marketing campaigns.

Why Visit?


This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge from experienced professionals and learn how to get the most from online marketing opportunities, plan your campaigns and allocate budgets for maximum results. The Digital Marketing Conference is also a great platform for networking with industry specialists. Who knows, you may find your next client, partner or co-worker at the Conference.

Main Topics

The Conference will consist of plenary sessions, workshops and seminars. Discussion topics include:
• Paid and organic ways to market to local and international businesses online,
• Best e-commerce platforms for small businesses,
• Ready solutions for big companies: how to make your internet marketing campaign successful and allocate your budget smartly,
• Small business in Cyprus: how to attract customers, using the right internet instruments for the best results,
• Internet marketing for advanced users: why you should maximize your local SEO efforts, how to enhance your internet marketing campaigns, and further steps to increase your knowledge and experience.

Who Should Participate?

1. Site owners, who wish to increase sales by employing online marketing techniques,

2. Marketing executives who are in charge of the online promotion of a company and its goods/services,

3. SEO specialists, copywriters, social media marketing experts and web analysts who want to gain more in-depth practical skills,

4. Beginners and students aspiring to become specialists in digital marketing.

Language of the Conference

The language of the Conference and workshops is English*.
The workshop of Arpine Sargsyan on Instagram held on Saturday, 18 Feb at 16.30 will be in Russian.


Day 1 (Friday, 17 February)

Morning plenary sessions.
9.00-13.00. Speeches by VIP guests and invited professional trainers.

Seminars and workshops.
14.00-16.00 - Dr. Haris Machlouzarides “Successful Digital Strategy in Today's Multi-Touch World”.
16.30-18.30 - Theocharis Katranis “How to create effective emails”.
19.00-21.00 - Seminar 3 – to be confirmed.

Day 2 (Saturday, 18 February)
09.00-11.00 - Seminar 4 – to be confirmed.
11.30-13.30 - Philip Ammerman “Achieving Digital Transformation: Trends and Techniques Changing Online Interaction”.
14.00-16.00 - Adonis Anastasiou “How to get maximum engagement in Social Media”.
16.30-18.30 - Arpine Sargsyan “Customers from Instagram. Marketing of the future."

The fee includes 19% VAT and can be paid by a bank transfer, paypal, credit/debit card, cheque or cash.
For more information please contact Project manager Sergey Hill: Tel. +357 25 590530, e-mail:
Group CEO: Natalia Kardash –, tel. 99 587156.

Our workshops

Friday, 17 February, 14.00-16.00.

Dr Haris Machlouzarides (CIM)
“Successful Digital Strategy in Today's Multi-Touch World”
• Overview of pros and cons of social networks having in mind the behaviour of Cyprus residents.
• Most Cypriots use Facebook and Instagram - what does this mean for a marketing manager?
• Secrets of targeting - way to success. Tools to target your specific audience in Cyprus.
• Free tools for Digital Reputation Management
• Solutions for small businesses: how to maximize your return on investment.

Friday, 17 February, 16.30-18.30.

Theocharis Katranis (CIM)
“How to create effective emails”.
This workshop is mainly designed to educate and train small and medium size company owners, as well as business individuals, on ways to take their business to the next level through the use of Email Marketing.
The structure of the teaching materials and training will be divided and shared accordingly among the attendees giving equal value to those who know very little about this tool (newbies) as well as for those who are already using it.
Areas that will be covered include:
• The philosophy of selling via email marketing
• Make your business Visible
• Create and share content that encourages action
• The importance of content with value, Urgency and Special Offers
• Why using pictures is vital
• Length and structure of a successful email
• Why it is a must to Truck your results?
• The significance of the analysis of Email Statistical information
• Ways to Build your Lists of Targeted customers
• “Why shall I join your contact list”? “What’s in it for me” philosophy
• What, How, When and to Whom to communicate your message
• How to Grow a Healthy List of Subscribers
• Incentives & Other Giveaways to be used
• The Role of a Website, Blog and Social Media accounts in email Marketing
• The relation between Email Marketing, Mobile and other electronic devices
• What is an Autoresponder, the Use & and the Meaning of the same and how it is related to email marketing?
• Consider and Design “evergreen content” that works best for your audiences.
• What is an Opt-in page, a Landing Page and a Sales Page?
• The two steps successful formula for collecting emails
Note: Significant & Useful Tools will be revealed during the workshop!

Saturday, 18 February, 11.30-13.30.
Philip Ammerman.
“Achieving Digital Transformation: Trends and Techniques Changing Online Interaction”
This module explores the major trends affecting online interaction in the B2B and B2C spaces.
It previews emerging technologies from Facebook, Google, Palantir and others, and evaluates how these will change the way you do business with your customers and suppliers. It presents a road map for digital transformation for large and small enterprises in Cyprus and internationally.

Saturday, 18 February, 13.30-15.30

Adonis Anastasiou.
“How to get maximum engagement in Social Media”
The purpose of this seminar is to explain in detail how to get maximum engagement with people in Social Media and how to turn this engagement into sales! We will cover the following subjects:
• What are the different kinds of post that all businesses should create.
• The methodology of writing a post.
• A step by step guide for creating effective engaging posts.
• Case studies of effective engaging posts.
• Live example of a successful engaging post during the seminar that everyone can participate in.


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