​B.Sc. in


(3 Years)

Entry Level

High School Leaving Certificate


3 years


Registered and Licensed by the Cyprus Ministry of Education

Course Objectives

The course aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge in banking and financial services. Due to globalisation and technological change, the banking sector has transformed tremendously in recent years. Therefore banking is becoming a rapidly changing and highly competitive sector in most modern economies globally. By obtaining a degree in Banking, students will be provided with the necessary means to tackle it and become successful in their careers.

 In the first year, we give students a general but solid introduction into the exciting world of Business Management. The idea is that, if students do not understand the basic principles of modern management, how could they understand the complicated area of banking? If, for example, they cannot interpret a statistical chart/graph, how can they appreciate the trends in the banking world? All subjects taught in the first year aim at aiding the student to shed light on the ‘grey’ areas in the rather demanding and competitive environment of the 21st Century.

 The second year introduces the student into the concept of banking. Quickly the student is faced with the problems of the industry while at the same time the endless opportunities for solutions. World banking and its developments are tackled and comparative studies of different countries are carried out. The course naturally embraces the Cypriot situation and analyses the developments of the last forty years. Simultaneously, the second year presents to the student the other basic functions of banking and general management in a far greater depth than the first year. Psychology and Sociology are covered in the subject of Behavioural Studies, while the financial structures of companies are investigated in the subject of Accounting.

Course Structure


  1. Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM)
  2. Advanced Diploma in Banking (ADBM)
  3. Bachelor in Banking (BBM)
  • Successful completion of Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM) is a PREREQUISITE for registering to this two-year B.Sc. Degree program.
  • Upon successful completion of Year 2, the interim Advanced Diploma in Banking (ADBM) is awarded.
  • Upon successful completion of Year 3, the B.Sc. Degree is awarded.

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