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Confidential Business Information – Considerations and Strategies

Knowledge, they say, is power. But how do we protect this power? In our newest post, Yotam Werzansky Orland, Esq., CEO of KWO Strategy, Lecturer in Business and Corporate Law at CIM, and Doctoral Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research shares some thoughts about how to deal with confidential business information.

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: A New Report by the Rome Business School

In a new study, our colleagues at the Rome Business School, in collaboration with other experts, investigate a prescient topic: sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Though the focus is on Europe, such salient issues are also a top priority for Cyprus.

Electric cars will continue to dominate the market

Advancing Past Combustion To The Auto Marketing Future

Electric Vehicles are expected to dominate the automotive market in the near future and for many years to come. What will happen to the marketing of internal combustion engine cars? Chrissy Jones explores in her latest piece for CIM.


The Economic and Business of Design and the Need to include Design Rights in the IP Box Scheme

Cyprus’ IP BOX scheme is designed to attract high-tech companies and start ups in Cyprus. In our brand new post, Yotam Werzansky Orland, Esq., CEO of KWO Strategy Ltd., Lecturer in Business and Corporate Law at CIM and Doctoral Fellow of the Cyprus Centre for Business Research discusses ways in which the scheme can be improved.

Workplace embitterment affects employees and employer alike

A Daily Diary Study on Workplace Embitterment: The Role of Illegitimate Tasks and their Impact on Counterproductive Work Behaviour and Affective Rumination

Workplace embitterment is widespread and a problem that affects employers and employees alike. Dr Evie Michailidis, CIM Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, considers how illegitimate tasks affect work behaviour and affective rumination.

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Harmonizing the Transparency of Political Advertising in the EU: A Business Perspective

Dr Louis Karaolis (Director of Academic Affairs & Head of Law, CIM) provides valuable business insights on Political Advertising in the European Union.

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Understanding And Mastering The Time Value Of Marketing

What is the time value of marketing and why does it matter? In our brand new post, Chrissy Jones considers an idea that all marketers should pay more attention to…


Successful Strategies for Marketing to Seniors

In this brand new post, our blogger Chrissy Jones explores a fascinating and pressing question: what can marketers do to market products to older demographics?


New And Effective Ways To Market Green Energy

As more and more people are shifting to eco-friendly energy solutions, our blogger Chrissie Jones considers the best ways to market green energy.


Real Estate Marketing: Tech Trends To Look Out For

The real estate market is booming. But it is also a very competitive market. Our blogger Chrissy Jones presents the tech trends revolutionising real estate marketing.

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