Spotlight On Your eLearning: Smart Marketing Tips To Promote Your Online Courses

Online courses are all the rage. Universities, colleges, associations, and companies now offer online courses on everything you can think of. Our blogger Chrissy Jones offers some clever marketing tips on how to promote online courses in an increasingly competitive market.


How Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

How can artificial intelligence help your company achieve its marketing goals? Chrissy Jones explores.


Employability and Professional Future: The Importance of Higher Education

Our colleagues at the Rome Business School have been examining job market changes and employability in the time of Covid-19 and at a time of increased automation. In this Bulletin they present their major findings.


Is it wiser to get a job or a degree?

Dr Christiana Charalambidou, Lecturer and Head of Postgraduate Studies at CIM, tackles a question that has long troubled many. Read on to find the real value of education.


How Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

It is estimated that within a few years one third of companies around the world will be relying on AI for some of their sales processes. How can AI help you achieve your marketing goals? Chrissy Jones explores.


Clever Ways to Market Your Consumable Product

Before you can market something, it is imperative that you know your product well and what it can do so that you can target the right audience. Chrissy Jones discusses some clever ways to market consumable products in our latest post.


Why are Visual Components Key in Marketing?

An image, they say, is worth a thousand words. And perhaps more so in Marketing than anywhere else. Chrissy Jones explores the part played by visual components in Marketing.


The Perforated Ball: Football, Geographic Politics, and Post-Covid-19 Scenarios

Football is many things, but it is also an important business, economic, and political player. In their latest report, our partners at Rome Business School discuss the different ways in which football has been affected by the pandemic – and speculate about what lies ahead


Organisational Risk and Opportunity Management (OROM)

Antonis Karpasitis, FERMA Certified Risk Management Professional, Chartered Insurer, and board member of CIM Council, discusses risk as a key component of business.


Smart Working and Gender Gap: Two Big Challenges of the Future of the World

Dr Valerio Mancini, Director at the Rome Business School, presents cutting edge research on how smart working can help reduce the gender pay gap

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