An Ancient Greek Philosophy at the Heart of a Novel Approach to Cyber Security

Security Mechanics Strategist and CEO of Secure World Vision Yiota Nicolaidou offers her insights about how to protect business by shoring up its cyber security


Republicans Vs Democrats: Who are More ‘People-Centered’?

In this short bulletin, Dr Nicos Antoniades (St. John’s University, New York), world-leading expert of Political Marketing and member of the Editorial Board of The Market, shares the ground-breaking results of his latest research.


The Top Ethical Investment Opportunities in Cyprus

We often hear about companies wanting to be socially responsible. What are some ethical investments that are not only socially responsible but also sustainable in the long term? Chrissy Jones explores.


Collaborative Networks for Successful Entry into Emerging Economies of Africa

Many business have long struggled to enter emerging African markets. Dr Irene Kujala, Assistant Professor
at Åbo Akademi University and Research Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, offers expert advice and hard-earned insights about conducting business in sub-Saharan Africa.


Working from home at the time of Covid-19

In this new normal many of us are working from home. Chrissy Jones offers some advice on how to best do that.


From Finance To Marketing: Transferable Skills That Will Help You Make A Career Change

People nowadays change careers 11.7 times between the ages of 18 and 48. In this fascinating post, Chrissy Jones discusses transferable skills that enable us to move from career to career.


3 Top Travel Trends Marketers Need To Keep An Eye On In 2020

Chrissy Jones discusses three marketable travel-related trends. Read on and keep in mind!


Exploring the Shipping Industry

Capt. Rohit Tandon, Head of Operations/DPA at FML Ship Management Limited, shares his experiences, thoughts, and wisdom about what a career at sea entails

Waist up portrait of elegant mature woman looking at paintings in art gallery hall and enjoying museum exhibition, copy space

The Underbanked: A Tremendous Growth Area for Fintech

Millions of people around the world are either underbanked or entirely unbanked. Chrissy Jones shares some thoughts about how banks and fintech companies can appeal to the unbanked and underbanked.


How to Market to Cyprus Car Buyers

Chrissy Jones discusses the state of the car market in Cyprus – and suggests some marketing strategies for car importers and dealers. Read on!

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