Where are the remains of your breakfast?

Our guest editor, Brian Saunders, talks about a small change he made in his daily routine…and how small changes can make a large impact on …


Turn Blame into Responsibility

When things go badly, successful managers need to look first at themselves and then at others. Our guest blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, muses on how …


‘FRAPPE’…….Your Guide to Choosing an Online Course

CIM (BVI) does not offer any short-term online courses; instead, we award world-class university-level EU degrees. But we get many enquiries every day from individuals …


Where are you right now?

People and businesses alike want to be connected. Forming connections with other people fulfils our personal need for security, sociability and acceptance.  Making networks, links …


Studying to Music
…pleasures and pitfalls

Do you study with music on? Or do you prefer the sound of silence? The blog post below considers the pleasures and pitfalls of studying …

700x400_cim time management_400_700_crp

The key to success: Time Management

Whether you are in your first year of studies or your last, time management is an essential skill that if you haven’t already developed-you must. …

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