Do businesses need to pay more tax to emit CO2 when oil prices go up?

Cyprus Centre for Business Research Fellow, Dr Stylia Krokida, and Dr Demetris Tsouknides, Assistant Professor at University of Peiraeus and External Examiner for CIM, share their thoughts on a very topical issue


Conscientious Marketing: Appealing to Consumers in a Commodity Market

Our blogger Ms Chrissy Jones shares her insights about developing intuitive strategies for marketing commodities. Interested? Read on!

Real Estate business concept - Business Man touch icon on a touch screen interface

How Smart Technology is Changing Real Estate Marketing

Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, returns with a fascinating piece on how technology is changing real estate…


Injustice in the workplace can trigger feelings of embitterment in employees

Our fellow Dr Evie Michailidis shares her research findings on a subject that concerns us all.


Are Drones the Next Big Green Tech Investment?

A brand new green post from our blogger Chrissy Jones. Read on!


Essential Marketing Tips For Luxury Brands

Our blogger Ms Chrissy Jones is back with a piece on the luxury retail sector. Read on! Although the booming Cypriot economy is set to grow …


Going Back to School to Market Financial Services to Students

Chrissy Jones is back with another fascinating article – this time on how banks can profit from increased student numbers – but also how they …


How to Keep Track of Your Competitor’s Online Marketing Strategy

Our blogger Ms Chrissy Jones is back with some life-saving tips on how to keep up with competition. Read on! Small and medium-sized businesses are …


Digital Nomads are Redefining What a Career in Marketing Looks Like

Do we live in the age of digital nomads? Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, is back with an insightful piece – read on!  Today’s …


2019 Will Demand New Marketing Tricks From Financial Services

Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, is back with an exciting new piece on what 2019 might hold for marketers pushing financial services products. Cyprus …

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