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  • Jan 2019
    02 Jan 2019
    Building Blocks of an Investment Portfolio
    George Mavros, Chartered Financial Analyst and finance experts, discusses the power - and drawbacks - of cash when making investment decisions.
    02 Jan 2019
    The Digital Intelligent Economy: The Wrenching Feeling of Falling Behind and the Time to be Bold
    George Tziortzis - Board Member and Head of Management Consulting at KPMG Cyprus - shares his hard-earned insights on digital intelligent economy and gives some advice on how not to fall behind. 
    02 Jan 2019
    Flexible Work in Cyprus: Trends and Challenges
    CIM Lecturer and HR specialist Dr Fotis Pavlou shares his insights and research on flexible work in Cyprus
  • Oct 2018
    12 Oct 2018
    Disrupt the market! Digital transformation and the way start-ups can gain a competitive advantage over old and established organisations.
    Dr Myria Kkali discusses how start-ups can use digital transformation to their advantage in an effort to disrupt the market
    12 Oct 2018
    Trade Wars, Trade Deals and Shipping
    Central Banker, scholar, and CIM faculty Dr Nektarios Michail on how US tarrifs on Chinese goods might affect Shipping. 
    12 Oct 2018
    Is it wise for firms to hire over-educated workers?
    CIM MBA Director Christiana Charalambidou discusses the understudied phenomenon of over-education in Cyprus, focusing on the firm perspective
  • Jun 2018
    28 Jun 2018
    Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses
    28 Jun 2018
    Burnt-out from work? Watch out the decisions you make at your workplace
  • Apr 2018
    26 Apr 2018
    Job crafting: A New Redesign Approach for a Meaningful Working Life
    Georgia Thrasyvoulou, PhD candidate and Fellow at the Cyprus Centre of Business Research, writes about the key theme of her doctoral research: dealing with the demands of work intensification and the role of job crafting.
    26 Apr 2018
    Leasing in the Car Industry: Advantages and Challenges
    Marketing expert and Toyota Sales Manager Garo Dzaghigian discusses the advantages - and challenges - of Leasing. 
    26 Apr 2018
    GDPR is just around the corner!
    GDPR Readiness Assessment expert and CEO of PhoenixPro, George Korellis, discusses the implementation challenges faced by companies in the GDPR era.
  • Feb 2018
    21 Feb 2018
    A Brief History of Shipping in Cyprus (II)
    In his second instalment of his ‘Brief History of Shipping in Cyprus’, Dr Nektarios Michael charts the incredible progress of Shipping in Cyprus
    21 Feb 2018
    De-mystifying the Millennial Consumer
    Dr Myria Kkali, CIM Academic Director, Marketing specialist, and Millenial, attempts to do what most traditional marketers fail at: understand Millenials as a distinct consumer group.
    21 Feb 2018
    Cryptocurrency: An Overview and How to Deal with its Taxation and Accounting
    Everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies, but how many have the full picture? CIM Lecturer and Tax expert Viktoria Soltesz gives a brief and concise account of what cryptocurrency is and how to deal with it when it comes to its taxation and accounting.
    21 Feb 2018
    Loyalty Cards and Personal Information
    Dr Christos Themistocleous, of the University of Nottingham Business School, shares his research and expertise on customer loyalty schemes. 
  • Dec 2017
    20 Dec 2017
    Online media and Tourism Marketing
    Marketing expert Myria Kkali considers three ways in which online media have transformed tourism marketing
    20 Dec 2017
    Starting on your own: Some useful tax advice
    Thinking up of starting a business on your own and debating whether to set up as a company or choose to be self-employed? Tax expert Marios Timinis explains the differences between the two routes.
    20 Dec 2017
    A Brief History of Shipping in Cyprus (I)
    In his first instalment of his 'Brief History of Cyprus', Dr Nektarios Michael takes us back to the time when the modern Shipping industry in Cyprus began to take its current form
    20 Dec 2017
    Mind the Gap: Academic Theories versus Industrial Reality
    Dr Fotis Pavlou, HR expert and established CIM researcher and lecturer, debates the merits of combining theory and practice in academia. 
  • Oct 2017
    26 Oct 2017
    Maritime Industry
    In his first of a series of contributions on the maritime industry in Cyprus, Dr Nektarios Michail gives a brief overview of the Shipping industry in Cyprus today 
    26 Oct 2017
    The Cypriot Retail Sector
    Retail expert Fanos Tekelas considers the ups - and many downs - of the retail sector in Cyprus
    26 Oct 2017
    Cyprus Tourism
    Myria Kkali considers the performance, challenges, and opportunities for expansion of Cyprus's tourism indusry.
    26 Oct 2017
    Economic Progress Report
    A brief overview of the economy, its strenghts, opportunities, and challenges. By Glafkos Mavros
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