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About our Executive Training

CIM Executive Education programmes are designed for senior executives and high-potential managers from around the world. All of our programmes are customised around the needs of individual organisations. From intensive one-day courses focused on a particular area of interest, to executive programmes covering a range of management topics, to custom engagements addressing the specific business challenges of a particular organisation, our portfolio of non-degree, CIM executive education programmes provide business professionals with a targeted and flexible means to advance their career development goals and position their organisations for future growth    This is an impossibly long sentence and needs to be rewritten to make it clearer.  

How do we create our customised programmes with our corporate partners?

CIM works closely with major corporations, small businesses and government agencies alike to design the right executive
education programme by following these five steps:
Step 1: Assess company/ institution fit
Step 2: Preliminary programme design
Step 3: Design evaluation meeting
Step 4: Programme delivery
Step 5: Follow-up on programmes

CIM is an Approved Training Centre of the Training Qualifications (UK). As such CIM Customised Executive Training Programmes can be endorsed by TQUK and participants may receive a Certificate from TQUK.


What we can offer

Custom programs can address a variety of strategic, leadership or management challenges among a team, within a division, or throughout the entire organisation
Some of these solutions are:
> Aligning a corporate culture with a strategic vision
> Fostering entrepreneurial thinking at all levels of the organisation
> Managing change due to growth, post-merger integration, or shifts in senior leadership
> Building sustainable leadership capacity as a component of succession planning
> Strengthening business and financial acumen
> Addressing the challenges and opportunities of globalisation
> Developing high-potential employees for retention and professional growth
> Balancing short-term results with long-term growth
Executive Education Pack

Programmes we can deliver:

Marketing, Sales & Innovation
The purpose of business is to create a customer. Marketing, sales and innovation are key as only they produce results;
all the rest are costs. They are the distinguishing, unique function of the business.
1. Digital Marketing
2. Basic Principles of Marketing in Cyprus
3. Merchandising
4. Customer Service
5. Sales Skills
6. Retailing
7. Advertising Effectiveness
8. Effective use of IT in sales and Marketing
Financial Management
To be successful, professionals need to master a wide range of complex financial tasks. Our finance programmes are
designed to address your individual learning needs, fill knowledge gaps and deliver a practical approach to finance
training for any career stage or specialisation.
People Skills & Leadership
In order to get further ahead and lead oneself and others to success, personality strength, social competence and
leadership qualities are essential. Our leadership training will teach you how you can get more daily performance out
of your employees and yourself.
Business English (and other languages)
In order to stay competitive in a globalised and dynamic environment, you need to grasp the basics of the English language, from a business perspective.

Marine & Aviation Insurance in practice
This programme aims at educating the participants with the technical and legal knowledge of marine and aviation insurance.
Banking & Investment
This programme aims to educate participants with latest knowledge in the complicated and demanding parameters of the of the functions of banking and Investment locally and globally.

Note: The above programmes are merely a few of the examples of programmes we can deliver. For more information on the programmes that we can design for your organisation, please contact us.

Companies for which we have delivered programmes include:
Frou Frou
Christodoulides Bros
 Hermes Airports
 Celestyal Cruises
 Gan Direct
Ship Young
 MetLife Alico
 Fereos Fourpoint Distribution
Σύνδεσμος Διαφημιζομένων Κύπρου
 Alpha Κύπρου

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Frou Frou Company seminar, Nicosia
Christodoulides Bros Training Programme on Merchan...
Frou Frou Training Programme on Marketing Theory a...
SHOEBOX Training Programme on Excellence in Custom...
Business Executive

Programme Details

The InBusiness Executive Leadership Programme
November 2015- January 2016

InBusiness magazine in cooperation with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing and IMH are organising 5 training workshops on the modules of Strategic Management, Managing People, Marketing, Leadership and Corporate Finance, bringing in Cyprus top training experts from Cranfield University, University of Cambridge, Henley Business School, the University of Glasgow and HEC Paris. From November 2015 to January 2016 you can join 90 hours of training that will help you gain new insights and determine your business priorities in the most effective manner.

The IN Business Executive Leadership Programme will help you broaden your business skills and develop a critical awareness of yourself, your management style and the impact you have on others, thereby ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge and ability to lead and motivate others to excel and achieve maximum results for your company or organisation.

For information and registrations please visit IMH's website

Strategic Management: Stelios Zyglidopoulos, University of Cambridge,
27&28 November 2015, Amathus Hotel, Limassol
Strategic Marketing: Prof. Malcolm McDonald, University of Cranfield,
4&5 December 2015, Amathus Hotel, Limassol
Corporate Finance:  Prof. Raghavendra Rau, University of Cambridge,
15&16 January 2016, Amathus Hotel, Limassol
Leadership:  Prof. Andrew Kakabadse, Henley Business School,
22&23 January 2016,Amathus Hotel, Limassol
Managing People:  Assoc. Prof Francoise Chevalier, HEC Paris,
29&30 January 2016, Amathus Hotel, Limassol

Programme Leaflet
Prof. Andrew Kakabadse
Henley Business School
Assoc. Prof. Francoise Chevalier
HEC Paris
Emer. Prof. Malcolm Macdonald
University of Cranfields
Prof. Reghavendra Rau
University of cambridge
Stelios Zyglidopoulos
University of Cambridge

2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop
2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop
2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop
2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop
2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop
2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop
2015 CIM & IMH Executive Leadership Workshop

Validation & Consulting

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