1978 CIM Founded in September 1978 by Prof. Theo H...
1978, First premises on a small apartment in Makar...
1978, Press conference for the opening of CIM
1979, First Graduation Ceremony
1979, Visit of Prof. Edgart Hibert of CIM (UK) to ...
1979, Visit of the Director General to the Charter...
1982, Second premises of the Institute
1983, Seminar for Philiki Insurance
1984, Opening of Limassol Branch
1986, Third Premises of the Institute
1987, Graduation Ceremony
1987, EU Seminar with the participation of Prof. S...
1988, CIM Conference in Hong Kong
1988, Opening ceremony of Nicosia Premises
1988, Purpose Build, Privately owned premises in N...
1990, Sri Lanka Visit
1990, Sri Lanka Visit
1991, Hong Kong Visti
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Nicosia 1308, Cyprus


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