Marine Money Cyprus 2018

Marine Money Marine Money Cyprus 2018 is going to be a one day event and it is going to be on 25 Apr 2018. Marine Money's 2nd Annual Marine Money Cyprus Forum will take place at the The Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. Marine Money Marine Money Cyprus 2018 is going to be the world's well-known meeting for presenting and reaching the current info on Shipping, Marine Industry, Shipping Industry and Marine Finance. Marine Money Marine Money Cyprus 2018 is an annual Forum. The organizer of the Marine Money Marine Money Cyprus 2018, Marine Money's 2nd Annual Marine Money Cyprus Forum is Marine Money.

CIM is a proud Sponsor

Cyprus has become a shipping hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. The shipping activities of Cyprus are not of course new with many major ship management companies there for decades and much other expertise on the island. What was missing until recently was the advent of shipping finance from local banks and that has now changed. The Cypriot shipping hub has now connected all the links with at least three Cypriot banks offering shipping finance products.

Even at the political level shipping is getting huge support with the recent appointment of a deputy minister for shipping. This demonstrates further commitment from the government to the growth of shipowning, operations, management and finance which has progressed tremendously over the past few years. The 2nd Marine Money Cyprus Forum on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol will introduce Mrs Natasa Pilides, the new Deputy Minister for Shipping, to the maritime community and together with our anchor sponsor Hellenic Bank we will again host the premium networking opportunity for owners, managers and financiers alike to meet and conduct new business.

In true Marine Money style, the agenda will focus on finance to the industry and investment opportunities and our speakers and presenters will cover economic and market outlooks and topics including:

> The five-year vision for the Cypriot maritime industry
> Traditional ship finance and the Cyprus contribution
> Leasing from the East and Finance from the west
> Future trends in shipping operations, finance and investment
> Technology and regulation: disruption ahead, or is this an opportunity for the industry?

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