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About us

The Cyprus Centre for Business Research at CIM was set up in 2017 with the primary aim of advancing, promoting, and facilitating research relating to the field of Business – broadly conceived. The Centre has a global outlook and welcomes interdisciplinary research as well as research that bridges the gap between the business world and academia.

The Centre brings together several academics, professionals and industry experts who are actively involved in research. This indicates the developed business network that the Centre possesses and the contribution of business gurus in the Centre’s operation. You can browse over their research interests below.


As well as advancing original research, the Centre aims to disseminate new information and expert insights to business executives. To this effect, it publishes regular Business Bulletins from academics and industry experts.

In addition, the Centre publishes an academic journal (The Market: International Journal of Business) and organises an annual academic conference (held usually in late March/early April).

More specifically, the Centre has the mandate (as voted by CIM’s Council in September 2017) to:

  • Conduct, advance, and disseminate research in various industries and sectors.
  • Provide consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs and business organisations at a national and international level.
  • Expand academic knowledge of different sectors through research and carry out curriculum development for CIM
  • courses.
  • Coordinate and participate in research projects that aim to provide further scientific developments.
  • Establish collaborations with other institutes and academics at a national and international level.
  • Share knowledge and promote business networking between academics, entrepreneurs and policy makers.
  • Give back to society and the business world through outreach seminars and publications (Business Bulletin).
  • Expand decision-making and problem-solving aspects of individuals through the expertise of experienced research academics and professionals.

Message from the Director

As Cyprus’s premier Business School, and as a trendsetter with over 40 years of experience, it was inevitable that CIM would set up its own, autonomous, research centre. As the new Director of the Centre, taking over from Dr Myria Kkali, I am delighted to be overseeing the Cyprus Centre for Business Research as it becomes established in Cyprus and abroad.

Since its establishment in 2017, the Centre has successfully organised two international conferences, bringing together scholars from around the world. Our Fellows – outstanding researchers at different careers levels – have been producing original and applicable research and attending a number of national and international conferences. As a research centre committed to bridging the gap between academia and the industry, we have been sharing our intelligence with business executives and disseminating our expert insights with the general public through our Business Bulletin, which can be accessed further below.

As we look forward, I am thrilled at the prospect of finally launching our journal – to give it its full title, The Market: International Journal of Business. We would like our journal to have a focus on Cyprus and the surrounding region, but always looking outwards. The first issue is due for publication in January 2020. We will also be organising our third annual conference, under the theme Entering a New Era, on 11 April 2020. This year’s conference will feature two keynote speakers and will attract delegates from within and outside Cyprus.

If you are interested in joining forces with us, or if you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.

Dr Katerina Pavlou
Cyprus Center for Business Research



katerina pavlou

Dr Pavlou graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a BSc in Early Childhood Education (2009), and continued with postgraduate studies in Educational Psychology at the University of Bristol, UK (2010). In 2011, she started a PhD at the University of Southampton, where she worked (as a member of the Centre of Visual Cognition) on a Royal Golden Jubilee funded project investigating eye movement behaviour in anxious individuals. She completed her PhD in 2015. Dr Pavlou has taught Business and Organisational Psychology at both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She joined CIM, as Academic Director of the Limassol campus, in September 2019.

Fellows & Research Interests

List of Current Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr Nektarios Michail (CIM/Cyprus University of Technology)
  • Dr Fotis Pavlou (CIM)
  • Dr Constantinos Constantinou (CIM)
  • Dr Evie Michaelides (CIM)
  • Dr Georgia Thrasyvoulou (CIM)
  • Dr Christiana Charalambides (CIM)
  • Dr Maria Socratous (CIM)
  • Dr Kosmas Pipyros (University of Cyprus)
  • Dr Maria Charalambous (Coventry University)
  • Dr Konstantinos Melas

Senior Research Fellows

  • Dr Derek Watson (University of Sunderland)
  • Prof. George Zachariades (CIM)
  • Capt. Valentin Mavrinac (CIM)

Doctoral Fellows

  • Ms Evdoxia Kyriacou (Cyprus University of Technology)

Visiting Research Fellows

  • Dr Irene Kujala (Abo Akademi University, Finland)
  • Dr Jessica Antonios (American University of Science and Technology, Lebanon)

The Centre’s interests and specialisations lie in the following areas:

  • Organisational and Consumer Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Work Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Shipping HRM & Shipping Finance


The Cyprus Centre for Business Research runs two publications intended at different audiences

Business Bulletin

The Market: International Journal of Business

Latest news & publications by Fellows

Latest news & publications by Fellows

9 November 2021

We are once again proud to share news of the latest publication of our Fellows Dr Nektarios Michael and Dr Konstantinos Melas. ‘Sentiment-Augmented Supply and Demand Equations for the Dry Bulk Shipping Market’ is out in Economies, a 1* journal in the ABS list and in Q2 in Scimago. You can find out more about their article here.  

10 September 2021
Our Fellow Dr Constantinos Constantinou will be speaking at an event on Information Warfare and the Role of the Media on 21 September. Dr Constantinou is one of the contributors to a new volume, which will be launched during the event. The event will take place at 7.30pm at the Journalists’ House in Nicosia and all presentations will be in Greek.
8 September 2021
Our Fellows Nektarios Michael and Konstantinos Melas presented their recent work on the effects of Covid-19 on the maritime trade of petroleum by-products and brent at the 14th International Conference of the Korean Shipping and Logistics Association. The paper presented won the Runner-Up Best Paper Award. The conference was held under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. Congratulations to Nektarios and Konstantinos!
1 September 2021

We are delighted to announce that The Market, the in-house journal of The Cyprus Centre for Business Research, is now hosted on the ProQuest database, one of the world’s most-used databased for scientific journals across the globe. ProQuest encompasses 90,000 authoritative sources, 6 billion digital pages and spans six centuries. It includes the world’s largest collection of dissertations and theses; 20 million pages and three centuries of global, national, regional and specialty newspapers; more than 450,000 ebooks; rich aggregated collections of the world’s most important scholarly journals and periodicals; and unique vaults of digitized historical collections from great libraries and museums. 

19 August 2021

More brilliant news and another brilliant achievement by our Fellow Dr Konstantinos Melas whose papers (many of them co-authored by our other Fellow, Dr Nektarios Michael) are in the 10% of the most downloaded papers on the Social Science Research Network.

Hearty congratulations to Dr Melas and Dr Michael!

17 August 2021

CFP: The International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business & Management, which will take place virtually on November 11-12, 2021 is now accepting paper submissions. The conference is organised by Farook Institute of Management Studies (India) in association with Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands). More information here.

6 July 2021

CFP:  The peer-reviewed Finance Symposium, which will take place on August 27th-29th, 2021 in Chania, Crete, GREECE (available on-line as well) is now accepting paper submissions.

Keynote Speakers

  1. Kenneth R. French, DARTMOUTH COLLEGE
  2. Franklin Allen, IMPERIAL COLLEGE
  3. George Constantinides, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO

More information here.

9 June 2021

We are delighted to see yet another joint publication published by our Fellows, Dr Nektarios Michael and Dr Constantinos Melas. In this new paper, published in the journal Maritime Transport Research, the authors investigate the relationship between commodity prices and bulk carrier freight rates. The results show that a drop in the price of commodities has a disproportionate negative impact on the freight rates, resulting in major cash flow issues both for the ship-owning companies and their host countries respectively. In countries like Greece, Cyprus, and Malta, the authors conclude, where shipping income is an important form of revenue stream for the economy, it would be a good idea to earmark funds for industries that can provide hedging opportunities (i.e. green energy), in order to avoid excessive volatility.

Visit the journal site for the full paper. 

7 April 2021

We are proud to see a new publication by a member of our team. Dr Constantinos Constantinou, a specialist in Political Marketing and a Fellow of the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, published a chapter on information warfare and the role of media. The chapter, written in Greek, is part of the book Άμυνα και Ασφάλεια Μικρών Κρατών: H περίπτωση της Κύπρου.  The book will be available from various booksellers shortly. Bibliographical details as follows:

Συλλογικός επιστημονικός τόμος: «Άμυνα και Ασφάλεια Μικρών Κρατών: H περίπτωση της Κύπρου»  

Επιμέλεια: Πέτρος Σαββίδης

Λευκωσία, Εκδόσεις Αρματολός

Yπό έκδοση: Καλοκαίρι 2021

26 March 2021

We are very proud to see yet another article by our two prolific Fellows: Dr Nektarios Michael and Dr Konstantinos Melas. Their article, entitled ‘How long do we keep up with the Joneses? Herding time horizons in the dry bulk shipping markets’ has been published by The Asian Journal of Shipping & Logistics and is available here.

Abstract: We estimate intentional and unintentional herding in the dry-bulk, ocean-going segment that spans from August 1998 to January 2020 and measure how this can impact vessel orders. As the results suggest, while intentional herding has a large effect on the orders of the newbuilding vessels, the impact is very short-lived. On the contrary, unintentional herding, related to common environmental factors, has a smoother but more time persistent effect on the newbuilding vessels. The findings suggest that the key players in the market do not only affect the dry-bulk market with their decisions but also the logistics trade and ultimately the world economy. Thus, the inclusion of the dry bulk key shipowners by the policymakers in the discussions before reaching an important decision could minimise the volatility of the overall sector.

23 February 2021

We are very proud to see Dr Nektarios Michael’s new book out with Palgrave Macmillan. The book offers a simple yet comprehensive introduction to the world of Banking. While paramount to the modern economy, understanding how the banking system works has been usually cast aside from overall economic education. Even in the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, which has underlined the vital importance of banking in the economy, the workings of the sector remain a black box. To this end, this book provides a comprehensive and easy to read review of the banking sector, covering all issues related to commercial and investment banking and providing experienced as well as non-expert readers the opportunity to expand their knowledge on these topics. After going through the book, readers have the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge regarding the commercial and investment functions of the banking sector and the ability to evaluate the potential outcome of policy actions.

Read a preview of the book (and order a copy!) here

26 January 2021

Dr Christiana Charalambidou, Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research and member of Faculty at CIM, has published a co-authored paper in The Manchester School Journal. The paper, co-authored with Prof. Steven McIntosh (University of Sheffield), is entitled ‘Over-Education in Cyprus: Micro and Macro Determinants, Persistence and State Dependence. A Dynamic Panel Analysis.’ For a preview of the article, please see here.

Setting aside the technicalities and econometrics, this article uses panel data for Cyprus between 2005-2011, and tries to understand what is causing people to end up in jobs for which they are over-educated (i.e. have a higher level of education than most people doing the same job). Apart from personal and job characteristics we find that things happening in the economy at the time of employment like for example the number of people employed in the same job and the number of graduates holding the same level of education increase one’s chances of ending up over-educated. The incorporation of macro level variables as determining factors of over-education especially the ones that we used has not been studied before in the literature and this is one of the two main contributions of this work. Additionally we find the entering over-educated jobs as a career strategy or a temporary fix does not work as people who do that end up being trapped in over-educated jobs and being over-educated for one year actually causes you to be over-educted in the future (maybe because employers see that as a bad signal for worker productivity and potential).

The Manchester School Journal was established in 1930 and has grown to become a distinguished, internationally recognised, general economics journal. It is still edited from The University of Manchester’s Economics department and is published by Wiley.

25 January 2021

Our esteemed collaborator, Dr Nicos Antoniades (St. John’s University, New York), was on Alpha News discussing his CIS Model, an award-winning model that measures specific political capabilities to “package an idea/proposal” (i.e., to Create, Inform, and Support). Dr Antoniades leads a team of CIM faculty and fellows at the Centre conducting international research (in association with our partners at the Rome Business School) using the CIS model. Watch Dr Antoniades here.

25 November 2020

We are delighted to share the news that Dr Nicos Antoniades (St. John’s University, New York), who is member of the Editorial Board of our journal, The Market, has published an article entitled ‘Political Marketing Communications in Today’s Era: Putting People at the Center’ in Society, Volume 58, November-December 2020 (published by Springer U.S.). Dr Antoniades is currently heading a research project in political marketing at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, in association with our partners at the Rome Business School. Watch this space!

12 November 2020

We are very proud of our Fellow Dr Nektarios Michael (and his co-author Dr Konstantinos Melas) whose latest article ‘Quantifying the relationship between seaborne trade and shipping freight rates: A Bayesian vector autoregressive approach’ has just come out in Maritime Transport Research. Read the article here.

22 September 2020

Dr Constantinos Constantinou – Cyprus Centre for Business Studies Fellow and editor-in-chief of our journal, The Market – will be speaking at the online conference on “New Challenges for the European Union” on 23 September 2020. Dr Constantinos will be speaking on the subject of “Turkey within an EU Context: 2020 and Beyond”. 

7 August 2020

We are delighted to share that Dr Nektarios Michail, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, has just published a paper, ‘Shipping Markets in Turmoil: An Analysis of the Covid-19 Outbreak and its Implications’, co-authored with Dr Kostis Melas, in Transportation Research: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. The paper is available here: here Congratulations to both authors!

9 June 2020

We are delighted to announce that CIM has been awarded a big grant (over 30,000 euro) by the Erasmus+ programme in support of student and staff mobility and knowledge exchange. The award was granted in collaboration with Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University in the Ukraine. CIM and the Cyprus Centre for Business Research looks forward to exchanging ideas and forging new research projects with colleagues at Zhytomyr. For more information, please see here.

Annual Conference

The Cyprus Centre for Business Research organises annually an international conference bringing together leading academics from Cyprus and abroad. The conference is one of the most important academic events held in Cyprus. Attracting world class researchers, mainly based in Europe, the conference provides for all attendees a friendly and supportive environment in which to receive feedback, share ideas, and generate collaboration.

The 4th annual conference of the Centre took place at CIM Nicosia premises on Saturday, 25 September 2021.

The conference  ran under the general title “Powering the Future”.  

The conference programme is available here.


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Become a member

With its aim that of engendering and supporting research, the Cyprus Centre for
Business Research offers a number of Fellowships. We welcome individuals engaged in
research to apply for a fellowship.

There are four types of Fellowships available:

Those interested are invited to read about the Duties & Benefits of Research Fellows. You can then either complete the application form and send it along with an updated version of your CV to or contact us for more information.

Research Opportunities for CIM Students

CIM Master students working on their dissertations have the opportunity to work with one of our Fellows under one of the Centre’s research clusters. There is only a limited amount of spaces and the selection of students is highly competitive.

The areas supported by the Centre for this scheme are the following:

Dr Roman Puchkov ( energy markets & economics; global energy consumption; shipping market cycles; business strategy, expatriation and MNCs; quantitative analysis of statistical data with use of IBM SPSS

Dr Georgia Thrasyvoulou ( design of environments and work; team-groups, teambuilding theories; organisational change and stress management; training planning and implementation; counselling and personal development; ergonomics/ human machine interaction

Dr Katerina Pavlou ( attention deficit, anxiety and stress in the workplace; personality and employee behaviour; employee and organisation relationships

Dr Evie Michaelides ( employees’ well-being (embitterment in the workplace, burnout, fatigue); recovering from work (work-related rumination)

Dr Maria Socratous ( management & gender culture; human resource development; global management/marketing

Dr Maria Charalambous ( remote e-working and its impact on wellbeing; work/life balance experiences; employee resilience; technology use and its impact on switching off from work; bullying and counterproductive work behaviours

The call for applications is now closed. The next round of applications will open in November 2021.

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