Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees 2022 - 2023

1 Marketing Management (2 Years, Diploma) 4650 p.a. 5300 p.a.
2 Business Management with an Optional Concentration in Marketing (4 Years, BA) 6000 p.a. 6000 p.a.
3 Shipping Management (4 Years, BA) 5350 p.a. 6000 p.a.
4 Human Resource Management & Corporate Strategy (14 months FT/26 months PT, M.Sc.) 6500 7200
5 Business Administration with Shipping (14 months FT/26 months PT, MBA) 7700 7700
6 Business Administration (14 months FT/26 months PT, MBA) 7700 7700
7 UWL BA (Hons) in Business Studies with Marketing (3 Years) 7000 p.a. 7000 p.a.
8 UWL BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance (3 Years) 7000 p.a. 7000 p.a.
9 UWL MSc in Digital Marketing (12 months FT/24 months PT) 8000 8000
10 Registration Fee for CIM 200 p.a. 200 p.a.
11 Registration Fee for Full Scholarships/Exchange Students 500 500
12 Re-sit Fee for CIM Exams/Assignments 50 50
13 Re-sit/Extension Fee for CIM Dissertations 200 200
14 Re-sit Fee for UWL 100 100
15 Extension/Mitigation Fee for UWL 50 50
16 Registration Fee for UWL Bachelor 300 p.a. 300 p.a.
17 Registration Fee for UWL Master 500 500
18 Re-take Fee for UWL 500 500
NOTE: The above fees (1-6) have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in a letter dated 11th October 2018.

All of the above programmes qualify for a government subsidy (for Cypriot students) of up to 3420 euro.

Payment Terms

Students will not be allowed to sit for their Final Exams UNLESS they have fully fulfilled ALL their financial obligations. Under no circumstances will the Institute issue Examination Results if  ALL financial obligations towards the Institute have not been settled.

If a student fails to conform to the terms of payments as stipulated in the Agreement, the Institute reserves the right to ask the student to leave the Institute; in such case, all the rights of the student will be forfeited and the Intranet account will be deactivated.

The Institute offers a 10% discount to students who pay the whole amount of fees prior to the commencement of the programme.

Refund Policy (Cash Payments and Total Annual Fee Amount Paid)

If a student decides to cancel their studies, 70% of fees will be refunded, but only if the student contacts the Institute within two weeks of the day of registration, and 15 days or more before the commencement of classes. However, if the cancellation of registration is effected only 14 days or less BEFORE the commencement of the programme of study, only 50% of the fees will be refunded. 

After classes have commenced, and in case the student decides to cancel his/her studies, 40% of the fees will be refunded, provided the student contacts the Institute within two weeks of their registration day.

No refunds will be made after the lapse of two weeks from the day of registration with the Institute.

Please note that the above refunds apply ONLY in cases of CASH PAYMENTS and only when the TOTAL amount of the annual fees has been paid. In the case of students paying in instalments or post-dated cheques before or after the commencement of classes, NO REFUND will be made.

If, for any reason, a student decides to withdraw from their studies BEFORE the programme is duly completed, the Institute will demand that the student pays all outstanding fees.

Revision Fee

If a student fails an assignment and/or examination, they will have to pay a Revision Fee of 50 Euro per hour in case they request for additional tutorials.

Financial Obligations of Overseas Students

Annual tuition fees must be paid in whole to the Institute PRIOR to the arrival of the student in Cyprus. Fees include the cost of issuing a VISA and deposit with Immigration Authority.

Fees Refund

  • 2 weeks before classes start: 70% on Tuition Fees
  • 1 week before classes start: 50% on Tuition Fees
  • After classes have commenced (up to 2 weeks): 40% on Tuition Fees
  • After the lapse of two weeks from the day of the registration and after classes have commenced: 0%


Every student coming to Cyprus must have a student visa. Students arriving to Cyprus without a VISA are likely to be deported.

Immigration Registration

On the arrival of a student in Cyprus, the Institute will undertake to register the student with the Immigration Authority. 
On arrival to Cyprus, students must show the Immigration Authorities that they:
(a) have fully paid the fees to the Institute and are in possession of an Official Letter of Admission;
(b) possess at least Euros 3500 for maintenance support;
(c) have a valid passport;
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