In today’s dynamic business environment, managers all over the world are constantly being challenged to make the right decisions in as fast and efficient way as possible. 

This program is designed to assist students to meet the challenges of the today’s market place towards the next century. Students will acquire the necessary industrial skills and knowledge for a Marketing career.

This programme is designed for in-career adults who require practical knowledge of spoken and written English for use in a Business environment.

In today’s dynamic business environment, managers from all over the world are constantly being challenged to make the right decisions in as fast and efficient a way as possible.

The aims of this course are to increase and refine the strategic management skills of the students, most of whom are already in management posts. Superior management is the result of certain attitudes, knowledge, and skills that combined in unique persons to secure an organisation’s survival.

Developed with help, involvement and consultation from a range of officers from local public and private sector organisations the curriculum has been designed to meet the current and emerging needs of managing in a complex and dynamic environment.


The course aims to equip those students wishing to enter the Shipping business. To this end, it offers a balanced educational programme in accordance with the general philosophy of the 21st century and the dynamic field of Shipping. You will study the various business, legal and financial parameters.

The BA Shipping Management is intended for students interested in gaining comprehensive insight into shipping management and the shipping industry. The program offers students a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of the shipping sector.

The course aims to equip students for a variety of business careers and give a special advantage to those wishing to enter the Travel and Tourism / Hotel business.

The course aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge in banking and financial services. Due to globalisation and technological change, the banking sector has transformed tremendously in recent years. 

The Insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Everyone needs insurance as it touches every aspect of modern life. 

Financial and Computer Studies (3 Years, B.Sc.)

Students which choose a career path in Finance are entering a very competitive industry. The combination of Financial studies with Computer studies offers students a tremendous competitive advantage against others who are also entering the marketplace. 

The aim of this programme is to introduce students into the complicated economic, business, marketing, social, legal and political world of the European Union member states.

On this course, you will learn the principles of accounting and finance, while developing the key skills you need to succeed in the financial marketplace. 

For over 50 years, our Business Studies degree has achieved a reputation for meeting educational and professional needs, both nationally and internationally. 

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