Diploma in Business English (1 Year)

This course aims at providing the student with the universal standards and guidelines governing the written exchange of information in the business environment. Different areas are covered, examining the way and methods that business correspondence is used within and between organizations; and between organizations and various stakeholders
Students through this course are exposed to and become more familiar with English business vocabulary. Students will be able to practice, exercise and develop their language skills in terms of writing, reading, listening and speaking. They will become familiar with the most common words and phrases used in the business environment and will gain knowledge of business-related nouns, verbs and writing phrases.
The objective of this module is to provide students with a better understanding of office practice. Business letters and report writing are just some of the main components of this course. Students are also instructed on how to write agendas, take minutes and prepare reports.
English for management allows students to improve their social and business English language skills. They will build skills in comprehension and verbal communication through a series of role playing exercises.
Students will gain an understanding of information technology concepts. The course is designed to promote the understanding of information systems and the technology that comes with them. It focuses on advanced concepts of information technology and the role that IT systems play in the business world. Major components of the course include networking, databases and data structures, data communication, risks of computerization and the use of the internet in an organization.
This course provides students with a good knowledge and a sound grasp of the basic concepts of marketing and their application in real life. Marketing Management is designed to serve as an introduction to the theory and practice of marketing. Students will improve their ability to develop effective marketing strategies and assess market opportunities, as well as design strategy implementation programs.

Course Objectives

This programme is designed for in-career adults who require practical knowledge of spoken and written English for use in a business environment.
The first objective is to develop fluency in general social situations. The specific vocabulary of business and office practice is introduced gradually as the course proceeds. Business letter/report writing is one of the main ingredients of the course. The student is also made familiar with agendas, minute taking and the preparation of reports and will improve their skills in comprehension and verbal communication through a series of role-playing exercises.


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