​B.Sc. in

European Studies

(3 Years)

Entry Level

High School Leaving Certificate


3 years


Registered and Licensed by the Cyprus Ministry of Education

Course Objectives

The aim of this programme is to introduce students into the complicated economic, business, marketing, social, legal and political world of the European Union member states.

EU countries are examined as a separate entity and so are Eastern European Countries. The policies of Mediterranean countries are analysed while particular emphasis is placed on EU’s relations with non-party countries such as the U.S.A. Trade and political links with the former Eastern ‘block’ are investigated. Key moments in EU’s history such as 2004 enlargement and the introduction of the EURO are assessed and evaluated.

Course Structure


  1. Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM)
  2. Advanced Diploma in European Studies (ADES)
  3. Bachelor in European Studies (BES)
  • Successful completion of Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM) is a PREREQUISITE for registering to this two-year B.Sc. Degree program.
  • On successful completion of Year 2, the interim Advanced Diploma in European Studies (ADES) is awarded.
  • On successful completion of Year 3, the B.Sc. Degree in European Studies (BES) is awarded.

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