Diploma in

Marketing Management

(2 Years)

Entry Level

High School Leaving Certificate


2 years


Accredited by SEKAP and recognised by KYSATS

Course Objectives

This professional program is designed to assist students in meeting the challenges of today’s dynamic environmnet. Students will acquire the necessary industrial skills and knowledge through a variety of business modules that have been carefully selected to assist them to perform their duties effectively as future business managers.  This program has a mainly professional nature with a relative provision of scholarly resources in enhancing the development of future marketing managers.  After completing this program and enhancing all their essential professional skills, students will be able to move forward to an academic Bachelor degree if they wish to.


The Diploma in Marketing Management (2 Years) programme, offered in Nicosia, is accredited by SEKAP and recognised by KYSATS. It thus enjoys worldwide recognition and offers the possibility to its holders of securing a high-ranking position across the industry or continuing further studies in Europe or the US. Moreover, it enables Cypriot students to apply for a government subsidy up to 3417 Euro.

Learning Outcomes

Our aim is to produce graduates who have enhanced all of the industrial skills and abilities needed to effectively complete their duties in the world of business marketing. We hope you will leave as:   

  • A brilliant decision maker, with the ability to reach successful solutions in a business situation;
  • A business professional who is able to put his/her knowledge into practice under the pressure of today’s business environment;
  • Someone who can make the most of professional study opportunities; 
  • A successful team leader who can effectively perform his/her duties both in collaboration with others and independently;
  • Someone who doesn’t see a job as the end of their studies but sees the start of their continuous professional development and lifelong learning.

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